Sunday, 28 June 2015

Butterfly brooches

Butterfly brooches made by Jenny Stacy
More butterfly brooches by Jenny Stacy
Butterfly brooches made yesterday by Jenny Stacy

I enjoyed a sociable day in the shop yesterday. The fan kept everyone cool and the conversation flowed. It was a man asking for a card with butterflies on it that set me off making these in the afternoon. 

First I drew a small butterfly and a bigger butterfly on paper and cut these out as my pattern. Then I found my bag of velvet scraps and some bits of painted silk and needlefelted some of these to pieces of Glen Wellstead's dyed wool blanket pieces. (These are sold in the shop for £4.50 a bundle.) Then I pinned on my paper patterns and cut round them.  Gold glitter glue finished them off, outlining the wings and colouring in the body. Now I just have to sew on the the brooch backs.  

I wondered whether to sew on some tiny glass beads or to do some embroidery on them. But this takes time and would make them more expensive. So I've decided to keep them simple for now. Nearer Christmas I can enjoy myself really going to town with beads and embroidery on the butterfly brooches for party season!

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Moorthy Parameshwaran said...

Nice butterflies.. we make handmade jewellery items.