Saturday, 20 June 2015

Shop thoughts

Wayne Osborne has now painted my A board - front...
...and back. Hand painted by Wayne Osborne 
Now that Handmade Happiness looks refreshed on the outside I want to refresh it on the inside too.  The main window has too many little things in it. As one customer said,'You don't need to come in the shop if you can see everything it sells in the window.'

My intention was just that - to give a sample of what Handmade Happiness sells through its window display but now I think it would be more fun to go down the Anthropologie route. To have something quirky and attention grabbing in the window which is not necessarily for sale but is just intriguing and talk worthy.  I'm remembering the curtain of used fruit tea bags in Anthropologie's window and, on another occasion the chandeliers made of re-cycled plastic cups and plastic cutlery. 

I'd like to make a life-sized rag doll, perhaps wearing some of the shop products, wacky brooches, knitted socks, a cashmere cardi.... I can picture how fun it would look...

 In fact as much fun as small children have walking through the pictured 'A' board. I wouldn't want to stop them. I wonder if they missed it while it was being painted at Wayne's studio?


Anonymous said...

I love the sign. Such a good font too, it certainly says "Happiness". A giant rag doll made from sheeting with a delightful Jenny-painted face would be a good idea. I think she would have to sit on something or be hung from invisible thread. It would be good to stand outside and judge how big to make her/him. Very big would be my bet, nearly 5ft. tall?


Anonymous said...

P.S. It is time to be thinking of Christmas stock and window displays!

jenny said...

Thanks Christine. Glad you like the doll idea. The small window panes are a tad restrictive but the doll could be sitting on a chair raised on a platform just behind the window sill. Yes life size. Big project. Yes she could wear party clothes and paper crown at Christmas!!!