Friday, 13 February 2015

New scarves and how to make pom poms

Soft and warm silk mohair scarves knitted by Gill Martin £24
Deep pink mohair silk scarf knitted by Gill Martin £24
Knitted bunting by Sue Inglis £20. See instructions to make pom pom flowers below.
These pom pom flowers are quick and easy to make.

 First get a pack of tissue - this is from Rowswell's for 70p. Tesco stock similar. Open out the tissue and cut it in half across. You'll have two multi-layered rectangles. 

Take one stack and starting at a short end fold it in by about 3 cms/ just over an inch. Turn over and fold again on top of the previous fold, concertina style. Turn over, fold and carry on until you've used up all the tissue and have a ruler shaped pile of pleats.

 Fold this in half, lengthwise, open out again and tie a piece of strong thread round the middle crease leaving two long tails of thread and knotting it several times tightly.

Now cut each end into a point with scissors.

Carefully pull one layer of tissue out without tearing it, pull another layer out and carry on until you have made a ball, and there are no more layers left to separate.   

Using your thread ends tie somewhere high as Carnival style decorations. I used gold tissue at Christmas and pastels would be pretty for a spring wedding tied together in big bunches.


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