Friday, 27 February 2015

Stars and daffodils

Origami star garlands made by Sue Inglis. £7.99 each.
Spring daffodils in the window in front of Tanya Williamson's popular cushions. £48 each.

I've just managed to burn an egg. One day I caused an egg to explode and litter the kitchen with tiny bits of egg shell.  I set an egg on to boil and then forget it. I get distracted by a phone call or immersed in a bit of research on the computer. And egg explodes!

That is what has happened with my blog this month. I have been distracted by other things and the blog has suffered.  My poor mum, who some of you will know, suffers from dementia, has had a tough month. After lots of discussion we are moving her to another care home where I am hoping, she will be a lot happier and soon I will be able to focus on other things, like this blog!

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