Friday, 30 January 2015

Tiny Valentine's cards

Tiny handmade Valentine's cards with envelope £1 by Jenny Stacy
This week the floor of Handmade Happiness is littered with tiny scraps of coloured paper. I'm making Valentine's cards. These tiny ones and much larger ones, some of which have the word Love embossed in gold on them.

I remember in a previous year painstakingly threading red rose petals and hanging them in the window as part of a Valentine's window display. I do love real flowers in the shop. Soon I'll be able to have white hyacinths and their lovely scent.  Tulips might be nice for now but they do tend to flop over the moment they are put in water.

Yesterday was a celebration day for me. I submitted my online tax return.

By the way I've used up all my old magazines and the ones that customers have brought me. So instead of puting your old magazines into the recycling bin could you possibly drop them in to me? They would be gratefully received and turned into carrier bags and paper bags for the shop. Thank you. 

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molebags said...

these are lovely, Jenny! See you next week x