Sunday, 18 January 2015

That time of year

Purple hyacinths
It's that time of year when snow is forecast and I long to fill my house and shop with flowers.
Spring is coming!

Apologies for not taking photos in the shop recently. I want to show you Christine Burgess' new paintings of the sea. Four paintings one of them large. All seascapes with a Turner-like appreciation for clouds and their reflections on the ever changing colours of the sea.

Sue Inglis brought in some new screen printed cards she has made of different breeds of dogs. I think these will be very popular. 
And Katrin Eagle has needlefelted some brooches which I've added to the big board of brooches in the shop. Photos to come (promise!)

Gentle reminder: This month the shop is closed on Tuesdays. January opening hours are Wednesday to Saturday 10-5. If you can't make those days and want to come in to the shop email me (look right) and I'll meet your there at your convenience if I possibly can.

Btw I've sorted out the comment box below so all you have to do is click on Comments,write what you want to write and click on the 'I am not a robot' box. Done. Couldn't be easier.

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