Friday, 9 January 2015

A different way of buying = treats

New stitched, painted and collaged picture by Sheila Barrow
I just flicked on the radio and they were talking about the bad state of the economy, as per usual.  I've noticed in the shop that people are careful. They don't rush to buy, they go away and think about it and then come back. 

Before Christmas people said:'We're only buying for children this year.' Or they did Secret Santa where each person only buys for one other and the person they buy for is drawn from a hat.

So was less spent overall last Christmas? I doubt it. But I do think there are different patterns of spending now and shops like mine need to be alert to it.

I think people who are sensible and careful most of the time because they have so many calls on their money need to have the occasional splurge. The occasional treat to make life rosier.
A colourful brooch or a keyring; a pair of soft, cosy socks; a thick magazine with a cup of hot chocolate. Nothing expensive so there is no guilt attached just a small indulgence to make being good and restrained for 90% of the time that bit easier.

If I'm right and people want special things to buy for themselves through the year then the emphasis moves away from Christmas spending to give a more even spread of spending in other months. And that has got to be a good thing.   

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