Friday, 2 January 2015

All change!

I like the way they've drawn on the big windows at Anthropologie
A clean and tidy display of book magazines at Anthropologie
I'm reaching for something without being quite clear as to what it is I'm reaching for!

This is day three of a big re-arrange in Handmade Happiness with the help of my friend Chrissy Pearce.  The furniture has all changed round to allow room for a work table which I will try to keep clear of things for sale. It is for making on!  

The new emphasis for this year at Handmade Happiness is that things will be in the process of being made either by me and/or by others while the shop is open.  There will also be lots of things for sale of course but it will not be all about selling. It will be more inspiring and more have a go and, for me, a more productive place to be.

I remember a shop in Midhurst where a designer dressmaker used to sit at her sewing machine all day running up pretty gowns, sometimes for Hollywood actresses. There were clothes to buy there and a brilliant £10 basket that my girls loved rummaging through but the shop owner kept right on making.

The shop opens tomorrow, Saturday. Come and see what you think of the new layout. I'll put pictures on my blog too. Please note that next week I hope to focus on my poor neglected house and the shop will only be open on Saturday January 10th after which it's business as usual.
 January opening hours are Wednesday to Friday  9.30am to 5pm.

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