Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Love this and appreciating people

I love this. Sooo beautiful!
 I'm feeling very lucky to have found the makers whose work makes Handmade Happiness so special. Makers who are on their own creative path, developing their ideas and creating really original products. 

Some makers come up with one idea and stick to it, creating a lot of the same. This is probably all right when your work is being exposed to millions of people all at once, many of whom won't have seen it before. But in a small shop like Handmade Happiness in order to satisfy regular customers with continuously changing stock I prefer makers who are experimenting with what they do, pushing their own boundaries if you like and regularly coming in with new ideas. Each is on his or her own journey and it shows in the distinct look of their work.

In January I hope to develop some of my own ideas which at present are confined to notebooks. No time to make right now, the shop is too busy. And I wouldn't want it any other way.


Christine Burgess said...

This certainly applies to me! I wish I was able to produce something consistantly sure-fire but can never resist the temptation to try a new technique, a new medium or develop a new skill.

Thank you Jenny for supporting all your artists and makers, it must be frustrating/demanding and exasperating on occasions, waiting for stock but I hope that when it comes right, we can delight you.

Happy Christmas!

jenny said...

Thank you Christine.