Monday, 14 July 2014

New ceramics from Kate Hackett

Hearts inspired by vintage fabrics by Kate Hackett. £3 each at Handmade Happiness
New poppy design mugs, jugs and plates by Kate Hackett
New strawberry design jugs, mugs and plates by Kate Hackett

Kate Hackett visited Handmade Happiness on Thursday with these pretty new designs. 

Kate, who regularly sells at the Country Living magazine shows in London, makes everything herself from scratch. She is a craftsman in that she expertly throws the clay to make her pots and she is an artist in that she also has the skill to painstakingly decorate them. Kate's mugs are £16 and her jugs and plates are £18.  

Tomorrow I'll show you more new stock at Handmade Happiness that came in on Saturday.

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