Thursday, 3 July 2014

Paul Soden and his amazing nature photographs

Hares boxing. Photograph by Paul Soden
The partridge family. Photograph by Paul Soden.
Pheasant close up. Photograph by Paul Soden
A barn owl photographed by Paul Soden.
 Paul Soden is a patient man and he takes a brilliant photograph! These photographs, which are sold as cards in Handmade Happiness for £2-50 each, represent hours and hours of waiting patiently for exactly the right moment to click the camera. Like an angler spending all day waiting for the right fish, Paul will wait all day, hoping for one chance of a  good photograph.

One of the many things I like about working in Handmade Happiness is the serendipity of who will come through the door next. Paul Soden had been recommended to visit and I was blown away by his photographs. I was reminded of the Sunday Times annual photographic competition, thinking that surely these photographs had won awards. But actually Paul Soden hasn't entered any competitions. Until now he has taken photographs purely for his own pleasure. He is one of the many unsung heroes that Handmade Happiness is full of. So many gifted people in this area ... so much natural beauty. Look at the photos. They were all taken locally.


Chrissy said...

Absolutely stunning pictures and what a treat for us to be able to enjoy them at such good value! I sea kayak and regularly take pictures of the seals who pop up to see what I am up to...unfortunately, when I get back and show the pics to friends they just look like another wave :( such a talent and amazing patience to capture these incredible shots...thanks for posting them Jenny for us all to enjoy.

jenny said...

Gosh Chrissy sea kayaking sounds incredibly adventurous! Thanks a lot for your comment.