Saturday, 5 July 2014

Knitting baby a blanket and making fun bird brooches

Knitting in strips made this easy and interesting to make.
Fun bird brooch by Jenny Stacy
I wanted to knit a baby blanket but I didn't want to have hundreds of stitches on the needle which would be boring to knit. So I thought that if I knit it in strips I would also be able to try out some of the different stitches in my book. Lace knitting, knobbly knitting and rib stitches. When I got bored of a stitch I changed to another and somehow the blanket looks quite good!

In case you want to try it I cast on just over 20 stitches per strip, to suit the stitch and I used Jacobs wool (from a sheep at the nearby village of Froxfield)  hand spun by Sue Flux that is sold in the shop.

For a bit of fun I've been making bird brooches in the shop. Six are on sale for £9-50 each and six more will hopefully be completed today. They're different styles and colours and will improve/ change radically? with practice.

Yesterday I had accupuncture for the first time. Have you ever had it? Thin needles were inserted in my feet, ankle and hands and then twiddled occasionally. The sensation was not painful or unpleasant. Only when the needle in my right hand was touched did I feel a shooting sensation like an electric shock. I look forward to seeing whether this first session has an effect. Hopefully it will lessen the pain I've been getting from sciatica since mid-March when I hurt my back in an exercise class. Anyone reading this who has sciatica has my sympathy. I'm trusting that it will disappear, never to return any day now!
Enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny.Your grandchild will be so lucky to have you as a grandma! He or she will be the best dressed baby for miles.Love the shawl would love to touch it! I also love your cheerful brooches, would lift anyones heart.
Good luck with the acupuncture.Worked wonders forme ans is powerful stuff.Bye Rhian

jenny said...

Thank you Rhian.
The accupuncture is certainly helping today and i have another session of it tomorrow - all on the Nhs. I am lucky. I hope you are blooming.x