Saturday, 28 June 2014

Felting Experiments

Colours and contrasts. I like this piece. Jenny Stacy
These could be landscape brooches. Maybe need embroidering. Jenny Stacy
A spaghetti mess of embroidery silks. They are actually not tangled!
Another little landscape brooch-to-be by Jenny Stacy
Half made heart brooches that need stitching and embellishing.
Big brooches awaiting brooch backs and stitching. Jenny Stacy
Bee Mellor and I continue our experimental jewellery making collaboration and this week I have made pieces of needlefelt and pieces of handmade felt (not pictured) to send to her. Interestingly her parcel to me of finished jewellery took a week from Australia to England. My parcel to her from England to Australia took two weeks to reach her.

The comments from customers on our first  batch of jewellery has taught us a lot that will be reflected in the second batch of jewellery which will be flying from Australia to England soon. Now I will make more needlefelted pieces so I can send Bee a nice big parcel of bits to work her magic on next week.


Chrissy said...

Such lovely pieces Jenny, the colour combinations are big could you make a piece like the 'landscape' ones?

jenny said...

Hi Chrissy. In theory this is no limit to the size and they could be made in horizontal strips then joined.

rhianw said...

Such gorgeous colours.These will make beautiful adornments.Wish we could touch your blog items, they're very tactile! I have never visited an Anthrop... shop.Now on my to do list! Thank you Jenny Rhian x