Saturday, 7 June 2014

Needlefelting and collaborating

Painted lace.

Yesterday I needlefelted in the shop for most of the day.  It is fun to lay different materials - silk, fabrics, and wool on to a piece of felt and see what the effect of needlefelting it in looks like. 

These pieces and others that the photographs weren't good enough to publish are winging their way to Australia. Why? Because my friend Bee Mellor emigrated there from the nearby village of Liss. She and I are collaborating on a range of jewellery for Handmade Happiness. 

When Bee and her husband visited England last year we talked a lot about a joint project. Bee is a fine artist and machine embroiderer. Our ideas on colour are similar and we communicate regularly by email. Before she flew back Bee chose felted and needlefelted pieces from my stash to work with. 

Last week Bee sent pictures of what she has made with these pieces. I am thrilled with the look of the jewellery Bee has produced.  I can't wait to have it in the shop. Bee has also packaged it beautifully. Her parcel to me has been sent and my parcel to her will shortly be crossing it.

I will share photographs of these one-off art jewellery pieces with you when they are on sale in Handmade Happiness. 

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