Friday, 20 June 2014

Simple linen dresses

Blue linen dress size 16 made by Pam Dew £75
Grey linen top size 14/16 £49-50 made by Pam Dew
Coral jacket £49.50 made by Pam Dew
Simple grey linen dress £75.00 made by Pam Dew size 12-14
 Pam Dew is the busiest women I know and yet she has found time to make these clothes for Handmade Happiness probably in the time most of us mere mortals would be asleep! The dresses can be worn year round. Either by themselves or with a t-shirt under in the summer or with knitwear under and over in the winter. The good linen fabric can be accessorised up for the smartest occasion but also looks cool and streamlined for every day. 

My problem now is where can customers try them on? HH is beginning to feel a bit small. I am picturing an upholstered screen in front of the understairs area...

This week Handmade Happiness is mentioned in the Petersfield Post as a favourite shop. If you are local I urge you to read Hugo Deadman's column on page 20 about his move from Hackney in London to Petersfield. It's worth the price of the paper alone.

Yesterday well wishers in the form of two lovely ladies who use beautiful fabrics in their soft furnishings business brought in a sack of off-cuts to the shop. These are so appreciated. The fabric gets used in cushions, applique, quilts, needle-felting, collage and towards Christmas for Christmas decorations. Thank you to them.

I also want to thank the customers who bring in their old magazines. Vogues get converted to the shop's carrier bags and Country Livings and other house style magazines to simple bags for small purchases. Re-cycling and saving money. Thank you.


Roly Phillips said...


So glad you've kept up the blog and great news about HH being a 'Favourite Shop' - i'ts certainly mine!


jenny said...

Thank you Rolyx

Chrissy said...

Congratulations on the Petersfield Post favourite shop vote...not a surprise of course but it is lovely to be recognised like that. You must be on a super high after that?
I think a screen for trying on the clothes is a good idea as it will not need to be there when not in use whereas a changing room will take up valuable selling space. HH still has some space you could utilise...I would be happy to review it if you want to email the dimensions to me, just for some 'fresh eyes' although I know you have plenty of ideas xx

jenny said...

I would love to hear your ideas Chrissy. I'm aware that the understairs area is under-utilised and the area in front of it could also be made a lot more of. I'll get the measuring tape out tomorrow (Tuesday) and send you an email then. Thank you.x