Sunday, 20 April 2014

Eating in Paris

Laduree window
Laduree window 2. The packaging is sooo pretty
We ate in a creperie. This one has a good look but we didn't stop here.
Beautifully made cakes!
Our picnic. In the bags are avocados and pains au chocolats
 I confess I put on four pounds in Paris but I hope it will disappear now I'm not eating pain au chocolats, baguette sandwiches and restaurant meals. 

On my birthday evening we had a wonderful meal at Chez Toinette in Montparnasse. I recommend this place. It's small and intimate, very French with delicious food cooked traditionally with a lot of butter(!) The family had duck or beef in rich gravy and I had salmon in a Parmesan and cream sauce (I know!). All meals accompanied with brocolli, sweet potato puree and a mould of potatoes gratin dauphinois. For desert I wanted the strawberry soup with lime sorbet or the creme brulee but no I was almost forcibly persuaded to have the chocolate cake which turned out to have my new age in giant candles on it!! The whole restaurant led by the waiter sang Happy Birthday or 'Joyeuse Anniversaire' to me...

On the first night we went to a creperie near the hotel. We all enjoyed a 'gallette de Sarazin' the savory pancakes made with  greyish, tasty buckwheat flour filled with meat, cheese and vegetables. (Amy and I had mushrooms, cheese and spinach in ours.) Followed by a sweet pancake with cooked pear, ice cream and caramel in my case. The men had Calvados (apple brandy) or Cointreau (orange flavoured liqueur) poured over theirs and then spectacularly set alight.

My son Tim who is very tall and slim was on a personal mission to find the best pain au chocolats. He found the best place to buy them. Why are croissants and pain au chocolats much better in France? So melt in the mouth buttery with so many doughy layers and a lot of chocolate.

We had two picnics in parks. We found strawberries to be very sweet and tomatoes soft and tasty. A bit more ripe than those in England in April.  Runny Brie and strawberries and avocado baguette sandwich anyone? That was my self assembled choice. The others put ham and slices of hard cheese and tomatoes in theirs. Fruit and/or pain au chocolat after.

We found that cafes in the tourist areas were very expensive. A mineral water for three euros ninety for example. The same price as a beer. Better to walk to somewhere in the back streets used by the locals.

I hope this post brings back some good memories of Paris for you or makes you want to visit Paris one day. Curious how it's very near London but so completely different! 

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Amy said...

Had a truly lovely time! So glad you enjoyed your birthday! Love Amy x