Friday, 25 April 2014

Baby Knitting and Sewing

Simple garter stitch cardigan and pretty cotton bloomers
This pattern allows for a large nappy I think...!
Same cardi different bloomers. I haven't gathered the waist yet.
I made this a while ago with cotton/wool yarn Amy chose. The pattern is by Erika Knight
 Today I'll be puting elastic into the waistbands of three pairs of bloomers. I was making them them in the shop yesterday and it's nice to work at the sewing machine between customers. In fact I plan to have a corner of the shop where the sewing machine is out permanently.

We don't know if baby will be a boy or a girl and I realise I'm making blue things. Girls look lovely in blue but I wouldn't put a boy in pink. But I did enjoy making the pink bloomers. I find it hard to find the right kind of material. I want 100% cotton or brushed cotton but finding them in small prints to suit babies at a reasonable price is hard. 

I recommend Erika Knight's patterns for knitting baby things. The green cardigan is the most successful cardigan so far. I knitted a white one a while back with a few pairs of socks- you may remember. The blue cardigan pictured above has turned out a bit wider than I intended ditto the knitted romper above but I hope they'll still look sweet on a baby.

Now I want to make some cotton tops. Just a simple long sleeve t shirt shape. Ideally with an overlap at the back and cotton ties at the back of the neck. Experimenting is needed... 

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