Friday, 4 April 2014

Shop change around

Penny Seume's velvet cushions and lampshades and behind Kate Hackett's ceramics and Pam Dew's quilt
Close up of Sheila Barrow's stitched sketch book cover
Kate Box's knitted textiles, Ali Cooper's ceramics and Penny Seume's lampshade
Lulu, my shop neighbour's dog likes to occupy my doorway when Tara pops out!
 My shop is 400 years old. The building used to be a coaching inn called The Green Dragon. A stopping off point between Portsmouth and London. Hence Dragon Street. This old stone step where Lulu likes to sunbathe is worn down by thousands of feet over the years.( I like having double doors which open out to allow buggies and wheelchairs in to the shop.) 

Lulu has many fans. You'll only see her in my shop when Tara goes out. Lulu ambles round (she's an old dog) seeking human company. Never be afraid to step over her. She won't move. Any command from me falls on deaf ears. She's waiting to see Tara, her mistress and that's that!

Though I say it myself I'm quite proud of the way Handmade Happiness looks at the moment. Encouraged by my 'international consultant' - an unpaid role held by my friend Bee who lives in Australia - I've shifted things round and the effect pleases me.

A lot of talent is showcased in this shop. A lot of people spend time looking in and through the window, sometimes they come in and when they don't I wonder if they fear that actually coming in will mean having to spend money. Well I like people looking and I never expect them to buy anything. If they do it's a welcome surprise but in terms of being a saleswoman I'm about as soft as Lulu the dog. So come on in, it's an inspiring place.

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Amy said...

Love those cushions! Xx