Saturday, 22 February 2014

In the window this week

A selection of goodies in the window of Handmade Happiness
 Today, buoyed up by recent comments, I have written two posts. When you have read this scroll down to read about Jill Poole and her lovely artwork.

Pictured above are one of my collage boxes £2-50 and Jenny Shutler's bracelet £32; a rabbit and teddy (£6-50 each) and Easter egg in chick £2-50 by Joyce Holland-Hill and mini picture of the South Downs by Sheila Barrow £38.

Kate Hackett's chicken toast rack (also good for storing post) £25 and spring flowers jug £18.

My lavender stuffed cashmere hearts £8-50; Sue Flux's purse on a long strap knitted with her own spun yarn £12-50 and Sue's interesting spun yarn with a touch of silver £10 for 50 grams.

Bee Mellor's beautifully made silk collage specs case £19-50 and Ann Hutchins' stump work butterfly embroidered picture £45.

Yesterday's flashes of sunshine were a gentle reminder that winter is drawing to a close and soon we will enjoy being outside again. Every year at this time I dream of food self-sufficiency from the garden (no, it's never going to happen!) and a continuous supply of flowers to cut for the house (slightly more possible.) 

This winter has felt far too sedentary for me (sitting in the shop) and I yearn to be more active. So I've signed up for a yoga class in Petersfield and I'm looking forward to getting back into the walking habit now that we can maybe risk leaving the umbrella at home.

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