Friday, 14 February 2014

Making or not making

Flowers from the garden taken a few summers ago
 First of all - love to you on Valentine's Day. I hope you enjoy romantic love, family love and friends' love today and every day. If, and it's only a small if, you don't receive anything today may I suggest buying yourself the red heart tin of Lindt chocolates which would make an excellent sewing or bits tin. I expect these to fall to half price by the end of today or after the weekend!

As you know I've been making collage heart cards for customers to buy to give their loved one. I've also made cashmere lavender filled hearts which are quite large and needlefelted small hearts on chains as pendants and on string to hang.

I intended to make lace patchwork hearts; linen and flowery vintage fabric hearts and garlands of hearts cut from old music scores and sewn three dimensionally together. None of those happened.

Sometimes you feel like making and other times you don't feel like making. The incessant rain can make you feel like burrowing deep and sleeping until its dry again!! I often find I'm too tired after being in the shop all day to do much making at night. But now the evenings are getting lighter and light brings energy.
When I look back to the days when I made myself make £60 or more worth of stock every day to make doing the Country Living show worth my while I wonder how I did it. But then I didn't have the shop in those days. Now I have a far bigger incentive than shows to make more stock. But I don't think I'm alone in finding these January/ February days the hardest days to be disciplined in.

I find it helps not to listen to the news very often. I don't want to know how much more rain is forecast. I feel dreadfully sorry for those whose homes have been flooded. It must be ghastly but seeing it all endlessly repeated on the news just gives me that helpless, frustrated feeling. You'd like to help but short of dropping everything, pulling on your waders and going to those places there's not a lot we can do. Except sympathise.

Sorry I got side-tracked. Happy Valentine's Day!

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