Monday, 10 February 2014

Making clothes for babies

Christine saw this on ebay and kindly bought it for me!

I am thrilled with this pattern I just received in the post. Christine, who makes the lino cut gift wrap and cards you see in Handmade Happiness found it. Thank you Christine.

It's marked 1973 and it's interesting to see that although fashions come round again some details don't look quite right for now. I would make the dress longer and leave off the lace insert on the nightie top left. I like the idea of the baby sleeping bag, bottom right but would that design allow the baby to kick freely?

I don't know whether my daughter's baby will be a boy or a girl. These fabrics are some I already own. I particularly like the brushed cotton (wincyette?) blue rosebud design. That one I think would look perfect on any tiny baby.

I was hoping to go up to London today but having just heard the news I think trains may be affected by flooding and impending flooding so I'll stay closer to home. If anyone reading this has been affected by floodwaters, my heart goes out to you. I hope and trust we'll get back to normal soon with warm spring sunshine and months and months of good summer weather not too far away.

 Maybe today I'll check out Hobbycraft - I haven't visited that store for months... I'll take my camera with me.


molebags said...

oooh, Hobbycraft! Last time I went there I accidentally spent £40!
Those baby clothes look so sweet! Love C x

jenny said...

Hi Carol.Thanks for your comment.A couple of your friends visited the shop on Saturday.x