Thursday, 6 February 2014

The importance of yellow

Daffodils in the window of Handmade Happiness.
For years I didn't like yellow. I didn't want yellow or orange in my garden or in my home. But now I like them. Yellows look good with greys I've realised and now, when every day has grey leaden skies and rain a big bunch of daffodils is just what you need to bring a cheerful splash of colour.

Seeing daffodils in the shops also marks the beginning of the end of winter and the start of the beginning of spring. Joyful blooms. This picture is for Bee my friend in Australia. Where she lives in Queensland every day she says is much the same. Warm or hot. She misses the changing seasons and although we Brits moan a lot about the weather I think we'd miss the changing seasons too if we lived elsewhere.

Yesterday I tried only using landscape colours in my knitting. Blues and greeny-greys for skies and sea; sandy beige for sand and browny greens for land and hills. Strange how restricting ones colour palette to those colours of nature immediately made what I was making look more expensive. Note to self  - use these colours more!

Today and tomorrow my daughter will be with me in Handmade Happiness. I am feeling very lucky right now!

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