Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Seagull on train in Brighton Station

Ok I realise that my Brighton pictures are lettering, but they tell you Brighton is different. It's a bit bohemian and a bit funny and a bit dirty. It has style, edginess and sometimes it has energy. 

I used to love visiting Brighton when I lived in Chichester to tap in to some of its creative energy which Chichester didn't give me. Brighton is the best place for people watching. Individuals expressing their specialness through what they look like. Loads of different nationalities and students from all over Britain attending the two universities and art college.
Fashion and dreadlocks.

On Monday I noticed a lot of dogs. The sort of dog on a short lead that could turn nasty if its owner felt threatened. I noticed how dirty some pavements were. But this is Brighton off-season. Winter-time with hardly any visitors. In summer I know it paints a different story.

I visited Ditto, my favourite fabric shop. Ditto has mostly natural 100% cotton fabric and a good choice of buttons. And Brighton Bead shop where I bought some supplies. Brighton Bead shop deals as easily in wholesale quantities as in small quantities. Bags of 100 of this or 200 of that are ready bagged up making it quick and easy to stock up. 
I visited Appendage which showcases some good makers and I walked a lot and took pictures looking up.


Anonymous said...

A lovely look at Brighton. Thank's Jenny. I used to skip school and roam around the lanes with my best friend back in the 60s.
Love Hazel

jenny said...

Thanks for commenting Hazel. One day I hope to hear more about your adventures in the 60s! x