Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A beautiful sky

The sky at dusk last night - about 5pm
The chalk line through it made by a plane
The white streak looks like lightning but it's man-made
As I drove back from Chichester yesterday there was a dramatic white cross in the sky reminding me of the time I saw the Red Arrows doing their aerobatic display. By the time I could safely take a photo just one line remained but it reminded me of how the subtle beauty of the sky can be dramatically affected by man. Because we haven't protected the planet properly from ourselves for decades we are now suffering climate change. Maybe it's time to stop pretending that what we do has no long term effect and to confront the problem face on.

So yesterday I visited all the shops in Chichester to check whether anywhere stocked baby nighties. As I couldn't find a pattern in C&H fabrics I thought that maybe Mothercare or Next or M&S or H&M would have something I could take the pattern from. I am looking for a brushed cotton nightie with a drawstring hem. The sort that my mother made for my first baby. I drew a blank everywhere and was told that mothers prefer babygros now. 

I remembered Mothercare stocking them, admittedly a fair few years ago and the assistant helpfully pointed out the Jules Oliver range for Mothercare (Jamie Oliver's wife.) She has designed a nightie just like the ones Mothercare used to make with the addition of an elasticated hem but it cost £12... so I came home empty handed but not discouraged.

I think Pinterest is partly responsible for my determination that this baby (my daughter's first child is due in July) should have lovely things. On Pinterest you can see the best of everything worldwide. So I am looking at wool handknits from the States; cotton garments from Spain, France and Italy and felted wool from Scandanavia. Natural, breathable fabrics that we create from what nature provides. I don't want fleece or nylon mixes. That would be like drawing a white cross on a perfect sky.


Anonymous said...

There is a baby nightie in John Lewis online at £8.00 with elasticated hem, all white:



jenny said...

Thanks for that Chris.

Anonymous said...

Probably no drawsrings allowed now because of health and safety!

jenny said...