Saturday, 8 February 2014

Fluffy chicks and bunnies

I am in love with these knitted fluffy chicks by Sue Inglis
Each bunny has been given a carrot this year. New from Sue Inglis
 Sue Inglis came in yesterday with lots of new knitted things. I love the fluffy chicks with their flappy wings. They also come in primrose yellow. £5-95 each for chicks and bunnies. Sue also makes striped mice and plain mice (pic to come) and I want to make a baby mobile by tying Sue's white chick, mouse, cat and rabbit to an embroidery hoop at different levels.

Sue's cats are pictured on the blog   which I've added to my blog list 'Nice to Look at.' The sisters, Maya and Freya are travelling round Asia. Locals will know them from The Natural Apothecary cafe in Petersfield where they worked until recently. It's the best cafe in town and Maya and Freya are the nicest waitresses you can imagine. Hope they're having loads of fun.

It's busy Saturday again. The weeks pass so fast. Enjoy your weekend!

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