Thursday, 20 February 2014

Making brooches

Red velvet brooch by Jenny Stacy
Close up of same brooch by Jenny Stacy
I made this brooch in the shop and I hope to make others in different styles and different colours. It's quite large and dramatic. The sort of brooch that holds a thick cardigan closed or that sings from a black coat. Red enlivens and cheers and I think of it as a lucky colour for some reason.
The velvet is made stiff by some of my handmade felt as background and I've hand stitched the whole thing together. I so enjoy experimenting that it's like a treat allowing myself to make when the shop is quiet. 

Knitting falls into a different category and I knit a lot puting it down whenever someone wants my attention. A baby's cardigan and a pair of baby socks  just need the seams sewing and now I've started knitting pale blue rompers which hopefully will look as good as the picture in the book! Those are for my grandchild to be but I would also like a lot more handmade baby clothes to sell in the shop. I'll keep you posted on that.

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Anonymous said...

Keep writing. I like reading but I don't like writing comments!

Anonymous said...

Er....why are you knitting blue rompers? Is it s boy to be?

The most useful things my grandchildren had were little jazzy Fair Isle tank tops to go over babygrows. They were passed on down the family.

Remember that the new disposable nappys aren't so big as the old terry ones so rompers don't 'fill out'


Roly Phillips said...

Morning Jenny!

My morning reading with coffee and croissant.

Keep writing, please!


jenny said...

Hello Roly, Christine and Anon. I don't know if the baby will be a boy or a girl but I like pale blue on boys and girls.The pattern is a Debbie Bliss one so I think it's designed for disposable nappies. I'll show you pictures on the blog.

judith C said...

and here's another comment - your blog is lovely!

Anonymous said...

Your brooches are gorgeous and, as you say, perfect for cheering up winter clothes. One of these would look great on my grey and black checked coat.