Sunday, 16 February 2014

Can you imagine sewing this?

A hand embroidered table cloth I bought at a charity sale
Detailing on the border
 I don't think many women today would be willing or able to spend months embroidering a table cloth like this. It is beautifully made and I think, should be recognised as the work of art it undoubtedly is. 

It is one of life's mysteries that people are willing to pay hundreds of pounds for some smeared paint in a frame that has maybe taken a day to create but unwilling to pay more than a few quid for an embroidered labour of love that has taken many months of eye-straining needlework like this cloth.

I remember older friends at craft fairs saying they were happy if they could make their table money and perhaps something towards buying new materials to make with. Lace makers, embroiderers, knitters. Sometimes you see the most exquisite work under priced. These older people have skills that the younger generation will not inherit. Why should younger people be interested in these heritage skills? They know there is rarely any money in it.

Until we are willing to pay a reasonable amount for the artisan's time and skill nothing will change. Talent must be encouraged. I know too many talented craftspeople who found it couldn't be made to pay. Once they take on full time work they find there is no time to be creative. 

I have a new patchwork quilt in Handmade Happiness. It is one of the most beautiful things I have seen. Made by Pam Dew for a double bed. The price is £385 . Not enough for the months of labour that have gone into producing it but we're getting closer...Picture next time. 

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