Thursday, 9 January 2014

Keeping warm and dry

Handmade Happiness' window this week
I put some big woolly scarves and knitted socks in the window this week. Just looking at them makes you feel warmer! What would be even more weather appropriate would be to have some big handmade umbrellas in the window. Now there's a thought:

You could buy an umbrella from the 99p shop and strip off the fabric. Then using the opened wires as your framework you could crochet between them; or you could knit panels or sew in handmade felt - nuno felt would maybe look good; or how about weaving? Would weaving work if the wires are the base you weave between? Actually I think you'd need to keep the boring black umbrella fabric on because it would provide the right tension. If you sewed into it and used it as the base you could cut some or all of it off once you'd applied your surface.

This handmade umbrella could never be closed nor would it be any use as rain protection but as amusing window display to bring a smile to passers by, yes, it would do nicely.


Chrissy said...

That reminds me of the time I stripped an umbrella and used the wire frame to grow a plant around - I wanted a living umbrella but hadn't thought about how to carry the pot around and this was way before people developed 'living walls'...if only I had persevered with it...

jenny said...

Thanks for your comment Chrissy. I like the idea of a living umbrella. I've started decorating an umbrella. I do a bit more to it every morning when I get to the shop. As soon as it's finished I'll put a photo on the blog.