Saturday, 25 January 2014

Softest baby blankets

Knitted blanket by Kate Box
If you're wondering why the photo today is of a better quality than usual it's because I didn't take it! Kate Box sent me two photos, one of which I've managed to send into the ether between email and Picasa and can't retrieve and this one.  This blanket which feels as soft as cashmere but is actually made with lambswool is in colours for a girl. Kate's other new blanket has navy and grey and pale blue in it - colours for a boy. 

I wonder if it's politically correct to say that. This is for a boy and this is for a girl. I imagine a baby doesn't mind what colours it's wrapped in or what colours it wears come to that but it must be at least mildly annoying for the mother if people keep guessing its sex wrongly judging by the colours it wears. 

I love Kate's designs. If I could afford to I'd buy both blankets to wrap my grandchild-to-be!

Talking of cashmere, Shauna Richardson delivered six more of her fabulous cashmere cardigans to Handmade Happiness yesterday. These are made with 100% cashmere, super soft and pretty. Sizes 12 to 14.  

Shauna generously gave me her cashmere offcuts to make with. These would make great baby toys - teddies, rabbits or mice and also serve as blankets in a toy's bed. Bed in a matchbox I'm thinking. Also cashmere hearts stuffed with lavender for Valentines, that would be nice too.

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