Thursday, 23 January 2014

Colour and scent for a winter's day

I love the smell of these wafting through the house
 People often comment on the 'nice smell' in Handmade Happiness. It smells warm and cosy thanks to a fig candle from True Grace. In the summer I occasionally burn one that smells of flowers or the sea shore. But the best smell is from fresh picked flowers and I look forward to always having those in the shop once the weather improves instead of a candle. My garden is good at producing roses and I love, love, love sweetpeas for their colours and scent.

Of all the senses smell sometimes gets forgotten. Then a lady often of 'a certain age' passes in the street and you appreciate a waft of expensive perfume. Young men at night often overdo it and smell like they've splashed the whole bottle on themselves. But they do smell nice and I guess it gives them confidence.  

Certain smells take you back to a time and a place. My mother bending over my bed to kiss me goodnight in party clothes and jewellery always used Madame Rochas perfume - I don't think you can buy it any more. And doesn't your sense of smell get heightened when visiting a different country? The glorious smell of hot croissants passing Paris bakeries and the strong lavender smell of l'Occitane shops which are now in many High Streets over here.

Kate Box bought in two new knitted baby blankets yesterday. One in colours for boys and one in colours for girls. They are the softest feel you can imagine. Pictures to come. 


molebags said...

one of my favourite scents! I always make room for sweet peas in the garden too. Smells certainly have the ability to take you back to places, like the scent of hot herb-covered hillsides when you step off a plane in Greece.....

jenny said...

Hello Carol. I've had mixed results with sweet peas in the garden. In a good year it is satisfying that the more you pick the more they seem to produce.