Wednesday, 1 January 2014

May all your dreams come true...!

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It's 2014!
A great and special year for you. Gather up your confidence and make this the year that all your dreams come true. 

When I was young I used to think that if I waited patiently good luck and opportunity would fall into my lap. Now I know that life is what you mould it to be. You make things happen in your life by your own actions. And if you don't wave your own flag and chase your own goals nobody is going to notice you. Sorry but that's the truth. Take it from an old timer like me who, God willing, will become a grandmother in 2014.


Anonymous said...

That is so so true. Such wisdom Jenny.

Happy New Year to you and wishing you lots of happiness in 2014.


Chrissy said...

Happy New Year Jenny, I hope to remember your wise words throughout the year x

Anonymous said...

Merci pour ces pensées pleines de sagesse et bonne année à toute ta petite famille qui va s'agrandir !!!!!!! Yeeeeeessssssssss

Melanie said...

Such wise words, I will carry them with me and really try to live by them. Thank you and best wishes. Melanie

jenny said...

Happy New Year to you and thank you for commenting. I really appreciate you taking the time to do so.x