Friday, 31 January 2014

Ceramics in Handmade Happiness

Colourful mugs by Kate Hackett; blue painted mugs by Jacqui Watkins; dog on porcelain mug by Ali Cooper; hearts by Eve Deary and knitted key rings by Sue Inglis.
Samantha Robertson's work
Ali Cooper's stoneware with 24 carat gold decoration.
 Handmade Happiness has a range of ceramics - porcelain, white earthenware, stoneware by four local potters - Roly Phillips work - larger vessels inspired by the colours of the sea, are not pictured above. Kate Hackett who makes the colourful flower and fruit decorated pieces is coming in today with fresh pieces for spring. (I love her mug, top middle of the first picture with its colourful heart.) A special mug or bowl makes a nice Valentines present...

Pam Dew, a textile artist who specialises in patchwork and applique came in with her newest cushion this week. I love it - it's of chickens - and I'll take a picture of it today for the next post.

Already its the last day of January. Winter is rushing out the door. I have a big bunch of daffodils on my desk in the shop, a reminder that spring is on its way. The milder winter has been good for the shop - when there's snow on the ground there's no-one about. 
Yesterday it was interesting to speak to a customer who has had a shop in another town for 13 years. She says last year 2013 was the hardest year she's known. I reckon if we can survive that we can survive anything! 

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