Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Felted Hearts

Three hearts made with my felt, red cashmere offcut and red blanket
...together with a lavender filled red cashmere heart by me all on Kate Box's lovely blanket.
Kate Box's knitted blanket - showing the fab colour combination
Late yesterday in the shop I had some fun on the embellisher using scraps and a handful of 'silk waste'. I was making silver coloured charm bracelets yesterday and I think I could make a smaller felted heart like these stuffed and stitched as a central charm on a bracelet or as a necklace on its own on a coloured string. Even as earrings if they don't prove too fiddly to do...

The red cashmere heart (thank you Shauna) stuffed with lavender smells gorgeous. I didn't know whether to give it a hanging loop or not. But actually I like the idea of putting it in a drawer just as it is to scent and (supposedly) to repel moths.

I look forward to making some more hearts today in the shop. Wednesdays are usually the quietest day of the week.

On Monday I completed and sent my tax return! Yay! Such a good feeling to know that it's done for another year. So as promised I will give a free workshop next Wednesday(ie a week today) from 2pm in the shop. The topic is 'free knitting' and to take part you already have to know how to knit. Bring the yarns and needles you want to use and I will bring some wool and needles for sharing too. The idea is to create a crazy patchwork by using different colours and knitting stitches and to knit from the base or side of your work to make the piece look truly your own. This workshop is a lot of fun and what you make could become a cushion cover or throw or bag or just a piece of artwork. You be the judge.

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