Friday, 17 January 2014

Looking forward

Valentine's card by Jenny Stacy
Another Valentine's card by Jenny Stacy
Buttons before holes by Jenny Stacy
 What I'd like to be doing in the shop right now is making Valentine's cards and buttons. What I'm actually doing in the shop right now is sorting out tax before the dreaded January 31st deadline. But once I finish the tax thing I'll feel I have permission to be more creative!

Attention basket makers and dressmakers! I'd like to sell handmade baskets in the shop and natural fabrics (pure cotton/ silk/wool) handmade clothes for women/ children/babies. If you live locally to Petersfield and make these things come and see me! I'm pursuing all things handmade that are either beautiful or useful or ideally, both. Handmade wooden toys is something else I'd like to stock. Also I haven't found anyone locally knitting baby clothes  in cotton yarn or wool yarn. Again if you or someone you know makes beautiful things and would consider selling them I would like to meet them!

Now in it's third year Handmade Happiness gets better and better. I was thrilled to bits this week when a customer said she'd come down from London on the train especially to buy presents at Handmade Happiness because she 'knew she'd find what she wanted there'. She did and then left to catch her train back to London again. I honestly never thought anything like that would happen...

This time last year I did a workshop on 'Free Knitting' ie making a random patchwork of knitting (and crochet if you want) by knitting on the side and base of your work in different colours and stitches to create a really interesting arty piece. I'll do another to celebrate finishing the tax return in early February. Any takers? 

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