Monday, 27 January 2014

The collage of Life

Valentine's card by Jenny Stacy
and another collaged heart card by Jenny Stacy
 I forgot that I collaged the kitchen wall of our dully decorated rented Paris house. Reading an old diary from the early eighties reminds me of things like that. It was lovely exploring that city. We set up house there when Amy was just 6 weeks old and Tim a little boy so the diaries are largely domestic - shopping, cleaning, eating, playing with and caring for children. 

When Tim started school there (at 3) Amy and I were able to 'lick windows' as the French call window shopping. It was in Paris that I first dreamed of having a shop of my own. One particular shop, la drougerie on rue du Jour was my paradise on earth. It sells beads, buttons, wools, and ribbons all gorgeously displayed.  I could see a British version being appreciated by British women back home. I clung on to that dream and haven't abandoned it even now. I have a lovely shop that sells creative peoples' work. One day I hope to also sell distinctive, unusual and beautiful beads, buttons, wools and ribbons. Watch this space!  


Monika Kuriata said...

Hello there. I like you unique style of your makings. I used to do collages and I loved it.
And yours are beautiful and have their own character...if you know what I mean :)


Fibre frenzi said...

I love la droguerie. I visit it every time I go to Paris....there's also one in Nice now. Thank you for telling me about it.....x

jenny said...

Thank you Monika.
Hi Alison. I'm hoping to post about la drougerie again after a visit later this year...