Monday, 13 January 2014

New things and makers' energy

Zipped, lined purses by Carol Smith
Wrapped fabric earrings by Carol Smith
Carol Smith who writes the blog came in on Saturday with these useful little zipped purses she makes. I particularly like the patchwork ones and I'm hoping she'll bring in some more shaped to hold i-phones. Carol was wearing some very unusual earrings and it was fun talking about other possible uses for her wrapped fabric beads. 

I like it when makers come into the shop. In fact I'm beginning to think there may be a strange link between the frequency of  their visits and the number of their things sold. 
Quality will always sell but for some reason makers who visit regularly to bring in fresh things they've made, to fiddle with their display or just to have a chat bring with them an energy that seems to have a good effect on their sales.

Handmade Happiness started out with the work of just five local makers. At the latest count there is now work from 49 makers for sale. And the people that take the most interest in how their work is selling -guess what? have the most sales. Is there such a thing as 'transferred energy'? 

I find the same thing happens when I re-arrange an area. To some extent this may be to do with changing what is in the eye-line of the customer. But I can't help wondering if it has something to do with re-energising a spot. I was never any good at science at school but perhaps someone can tell me whether this is a known phenomena?


judith C said...

I imagine the main person bringing energy into your shop is 'you, yourself'!
I love your blog, read it regularly and am amazed at the amount of creativity and effort that goes into making your lovely shop. Perhaps I can visit sometime,(I live in Germany), but in the meantime I wish you continued success and all good luck for 2014!

jenny said...

Thank you Judith and all best wishes for 2014 to you too.

molebags said...

Thank you, Jenny- lovely pics. I enjoyed our inspiring chat, watch out for more fabric bead creations....! Love Carol x