Friday, 20 December 2013

Ali Cooper's porcelain night lights

All lit up - Ali Cooper's tea light holders 
A good compensation for the dark afternoons is to light candles and see their cosy glow. And at night I love to watch the Christmas tree lights flash providing the only light for a while.

 In truth I have a very small Christmas tree this year. I wanted a real one, with roots, to plant in the garden afterwards. In recent years I've endured a white fake tree but yearned for the real thing. Then last year I heard people talk about paying £80 for the real thing and that put me off even looking. I found my small but beautifully formed tree outside Waitrose. I've tried photographing it but it looks pathetic. Next year, when it's grown a bit I'll show you a photograph!

Handmade Happiness is buzzing. A good place to find unique-to-the-shop presents. And at prices to please all pockets - there are lots of things at £3, loads to choose from at £5 and at the other end of the scale you may if you want to spend £150 or £200 on that very special present for someone you love.

Now I want to make some felt for flower brooches before work. Yesterday I painted Christmas puddings for earrings - they're in the shop now and if I can just make a couple of sheets of colourful felt I'll be well on the way to some brooches which are another well-priced present for Christmas.

Just a reminder - Handmade Happiness is open every day now until Christmas. 10-5 daily except Sunday when opening hours will be 9.30 til 3.30 and Tuesday (Christmas Eve) when I plan to close a little earlier at 4pm.


Anonymous said...

My neighbour planted a small rooted Christmas Tree in 2003. It is now 40ft high and will cost £250 to remove as it is causing root damage to foundations and overshadows her house. Stick to rootless or fake ones!


jenny said...

Point taken. I'll put it well away from the house!