Monday, 16 December 2013

Nine shopping days til Christmas

A corner of Handmade Happiness
My marathon starts today. Handmade Happiness is open every day now til Christmas. Today I'm only open from 10-12.30 but that's flexible - if people want to come in I'll stay to the end of the day. 
Do you feel there's still so much to do before the big day? Lists, lists and more lists. That's my way of feeling in control. Somehow if it's on a list it's nearly done!

This week there are a few 'handmade' programmes on the telly to relax with in the evening. Last night and repeated on Tuesday BBC2 7pm the Great British Sewing Bee showed us some sewn decorations and gifts. I liked Stuart's man bag and worthy winner Ann's impressive teddy bear which reminded me of Steiff bears.

 Tonight it's Kirsty Allsopp's turn (8pm C4)- the review I read mentioned tie dye underwear (interesting) and mincemeat flavour popcorn (err not interesting!). And this Saturday sees the final of Strictly Come Dancing. After weeks of intensive excercise the female celebs can now be thrown about as if they were as light as a feather. Which they probably are by now. Appearing on Strictly must surely be the most fun diet in the world! 

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