Monday, 2 December 2013

Art gallery at Handmade Happiness

Sandra Izard's stunning oil painting 'Cobnor Point'
The entrance at Handmade Happiness is now an art gallery
Sheila Barrow's embroidered paintings in white painted frames.
Vicki Hunt's wonderfully depicted birds - painted then outlined in stitch.
I am proud to display three artist's original paintings in Handmade Happiness.
On Saturday I heard this conversation  between two women friends about Sandra Izard's painting, pictured top: 
'I love it. I want to buy it. What do you think?'
'I love it too. Hold on though. Why not just take note of the artist's name? You can see if it's online.'
Excuse me ladies. I am not deaf. But I am 100% certain that this painting is not available online!

Do you like the new gallery idea at Handmade Happiness? It's only now that I have enough paintings to fill a wall like this. Which is your favourite? I too love Sandra Izard's brilliant work but it is out of my league price wise. I must admit I will feel a pang when Sheila Barrow's long embroidery of the Downs sells.


Chrissy said...

That's the challenge of retail Jenny, you can't choose your customers! Hopefully more people who understand the philosophy behind HH will come in than those who do not.

jenny said...

Thank you for your comment Chrissy.
Sooooo glad to get a comment!People say some lovely things about Handmade Happiness and 99% of the time I feel blessed!