Friday, 6 December 2013

Bee Mellor's work is in Handmade Happiness!

Colour for Christmas - specs or phone pockets made by Bee Mellor
Snow colours - specs/phone pockets by Bee Mellor
All six colourways of the specs/phone pockets made by Bee Mellor
Long before I moved to Petersfield I used to come over from Chichester to visit my friend Bee Mellor. Bee is a special artist and I've always admired her work. 

Bee and her husband moved to Australia to be with their daughter (and now grandchildren) but we've always kept in touch via email and since I opened Handmade Happiness I've always wanted the marvellous things Bee makes in the shop.

Yesterday a parcel arrived in the post from Australia with these beautifully made 'pockets' inside. Specs or phones or sunspecs fit them, there is a silk lining and a velcro tab to keep them safe. Which colour would you choose?


Chrissy said...

impossible to choose but if you insist I make a decision I would choose the orange one, the pink one and the turquoise one!

jenny said...

I'm glad you like them Chrissy!