Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Ali Cooper's work

I love these fine porcelain decorations by Ali Cooper
Porcelain tea light holders £15 and butterfly mugs £17-50 by Ali Cooper
In the dark evening Ali Cooper's pretty tea light holder shines out.
 Ali Cooper works with porcelain making beautiful objects that I am proud to sell in Handmade Happiness. This year she won a free stand at the Country Living fair after a magazine competition. The shop has a lot more examples of her work. Come in and see!

I am enjoying having a day out between writing posts on this blog.

 Christmas is surely the most busy time of year for all of us - especially if we know we're having relatives to stay over the Christmas holiday. To stay healthy and positive we must try not to get too stressed with the pressures that Christmas brings. Which is easier said than done. 

As individuals we are all equally important. I think women often forget this in their quest to make everyone else as happy and comfortable as possible. Them first, self last. This is not fair. I remember so many Christmases when 'Mum' (me) spends much of Christmas day in the kitchen hearing the whoops and cries of glee from another room as the rest of the family enjoys each other's company. 'Mum' (me) feeling a tad resentful but probably insisting at the same time that she doesn't need any help...

Now that my children are all grown up it's very different. Usually one of the men seems to want to do the cooking! But if you still have a dependant family try to have as good a time as you can. It's your Christmas too! As someone in the shop said yesterday: 'I've ordered all the food (ready made) from Marks and Spencer. I shall write a list to stick up in the kitchen of what time each thing goes in to the oven and that's it!'
Have a Chillaxing Christmas if you can. 

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