Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Gift tags DIY

Christmas gift tags by Jenny Stacy
Collage sheet by Jenny Stacy - to cut up
 If like me, you don't like the gift tags in the shops or the ones you like are too expensive, why not make your own?

Start by covering an A4 sheet of white thin card with torn pictures from magazines, old Christmas stamps, bits of gift wrap etc. I've then highlighted bits with a gold pen but this is optional. 

Get a luggage label and measure it. Using ruler and pencil mark out the back of your collage with rectangles the same size as your luggage label. 

Cut out your labels, from the back ignoring the front.

 Puting your luggage label over each piece cut the corners and mark on the back a dot for the position of the hole. Using a hole punch add a hole to each piece. 

Tie a scrap of collected old ribbon in each new gift tag. Easy eh?

If you wanted to you could add a bit of glitter, as I have before cutting up the A4 collage. You could also sew on a button, glue on sequins, use your own painted paper. Have fun and play!


Anonymous said...

They are lovely Jenny. Thank you for coming today, it was most appreciated especially as you are so busy! K x x x x

jenny said...

It was good to see where you work. Happy 4 Christmasses!x