Sunday, 8 December 2013

Festive window

Peering through the Handmade Happiness window yesterday
All lit up for Christmas at Handmade Happiness
 If you like the Christmas window at HH and you live in the area please vote for it in the Petersfield Post window competition running next week and the week after. I've no expectation of winning. I'd like to see Tara Interiors win as her window is spectacular! And I'll be voting for that one!  However hopefully Handmade Happiness gets better year on year and this is its third Christmas. Onwards and upwards!


Carole C said...

Your shop window looks lovely , Jenny ....Christmassy without being OTT . Good luck with the competition.

Chrissy said...

The window really represents the shop well, Jenny, and I just love the teddy bear sitting there. I still have the teddy bear my parents gave me, I think they are one of the loveliest gifts that you receive as a child and the hardest to part with as you get older...clearly I have not been able to!!!

jenny said...

Thank you for your comments Carole and Chrissy.