Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Colour packs

Silk velvet dyed by Alison Crosthwaite
 I love the rich, random colours in this velvet. If I could persuade her I'd ask Alison to dye yards like this that could be cut up and sold in Handmade Happiness. It's wonderful to use in jewellery, machine embroidery, felt projects, multi media art... I could go on..

For some while I've wanted to do a mixed colour pack for makers of dyed silk, embroidery silk threads, dyed velvet, some handmade felt with perhaps a few beads and buttons. It's inspiring to look at colours and textures in a pack of loveliness. A purse or jewellery bag could be made with the contents or they could become part of a bigger art project. A nice present for a creative friend or for yourself.


Fibre frenzi said...

I'll come over for a chat soon.....and talk about dyeing!

jenny said...

I look forward to that Alison.x