Sunday, 30 June 2013

Busy Saturday

Reminder to self - make more of these. Fairy boxes by Jenny Stacy
It was really busy in the shop yesterday. Hurray! And lots of lovely comments. 

I am a bit obsessed about womens' dresses at the moment. I want some for the shop, haven't found anyone to make them so I'm thinking can I try this myself?

Last week I saw this great dress on a customer. Thick orange linen, simple tunic style with, as she pointed out a slightly smaller band of fabric at hem level which pulled it in and avoided a tent effect. She'd bought it nearly ten years ago from Tricot Too and had worn it winter (with jersey under) and summer (with t-shirt under) ever since. I looked up the make online and it appears they ceased trading in 2007.

  So this is the challenge: To cut a pattern, never having cut a pattern before and make a dress/ dresses good enough to sell. Unless anyone else is volunteering - but I don't think so - I've dropped enough hints to makers and customers and no response so far! Maybe not orange though. Orange doesn't suit everyone ...

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Anonymous said...

My husband and I want to do a tailoring/clothes making course. It's a skill we are both fascinated by - the endless possibilities of fabrics to wear... *starry eyed!*