Thursday, 27 June 2013

Making jewellery

Bracelets I made to sell at the Country Living magazine show
I forgot to take pictures of the new necklaces I made in the shop yesterday so I have to use this old picture. Apologies. The new necklaces are different. I used chain with fabric and charms and they're the kind of thing I will be comfortable wearing. Pics to come.

I am excited and thrilled to have an order for paper collage bunting. I will sooo enjoy making this. It's for a graphic designer, ex-animator and all round creative person who visited Handmade Happiness for the first time yesterday. I will start it today in the shop if it's not too busy.

Pam Dew bought in a new large applique cushion yesterday. Cleverly it's of a view she sees from her bike when she cycles to Chichester from Petersfield to work. Yes, impressive isn't she? I can't imagine cycling to Chichester once, let alone on a regular basis. 

Pam had visited Merchant and Mills in Rye the day before and I wanted to hear all about it. Merchant and Mills make the most beautifully packaged habadashery items including thick card dress patterns in cardboard tubes. I first saw their stand at Country Living and I was very impressed. Anyway this morning I'm going to ring them and see if HH could possibly stock them. Wish me luck! Check them out

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