Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Stress busting play time

Do you play? I mean do you ever sit down and amuse yourself by drawing, painting, making something or experimenting with some fun art materials you haven't tried out before? Or do you sew, knit, crochet, build with wood or throw clay?

Most people haven't time in their busy days for any sort of play. But just as children need to play I think adults need to play too. A bit of time to let go and focus on something pleasant and different.

I want to think of a way to provide a play opportunity within Handmade Happiness.
 A table and chairs somewhere with a pile of paper, paints and water, pencils, glue sticks and
magazines, a few stampers and stencils. A chance for anyone to just to take time out and play for a bit.

Don't hold back with your suggestions/ comments/ ideas/ reactions. My comment box has been a bit empty of late. 

Talking to mums of young children yesterday about how they play with their children I am left with two images. One of the mother who walks round the heath pond with her boys searching for feathers to include in art work back home and the other mum, blessed with a toddler who likes to climb up her and around her all the time she is trying to do art work with her older child.

 That reminds me of when toddlers like to cling round your leg when you are trying to do housework etc and you have this sort of human ball and chain everywhere you go. It's delightful and short lived but if you are creative and longing to do what you love to do it can be hard to make any time at all to do your own thing!

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