Monday, 17 June 2013

This blogging thing

Peonies in the garden
 I've lost the USA. For a short and heady while I had as many readers in the States as in the UK. Then I had a three day blogging break if you remember and since then America has not come back on board in anything like the same numbers. I wonder if I've lost my spark - am I boring now? 

Am I blogging for me, for the shop, keeping in touch with friends or do I want to get some message across to as many people as possible. And if I don't know what the message is how the hell should other people?!  
I notice that the most popular posts are about felt incidentally...

I'll hang on in there and see what the statistics do over the next few days. It probably only matters if you carry advertising...

Meanwhile back in the shop I feel terrifically grateful to Sue Inglis, knitter extraordinaire, who suggested on Saturday that I put a long table in front of the under stairs area just for me to work on.

 We had been talking about collage and how I can't do it on my shop counter as it takes up too much room (ditto button making and jewellery making). I can knit and crochet at my desk and do small things on the sewing machine but it's frustrating not to have the space to be more productive while in the shop. So yesterday in East Grinstead with my mum we visited Wickes and I got a pasting table (which can fold away under the stairs when not in use) for under £10. Excellent.


Anonymous said...

I think it would be wonderful to see you working on more crafts but will there ever be enough room! I always enjoy your blog, it's good to see you doing so much of what I would love to be able to do. Please keep up the good work. Melanie

jenny said...

Hello Melanie.
Thank you for your suggestion.You are right. I need to show more crafts. Today's post is dedicated to you!