Sunday, 16 June 2013

Happy Fathers Day

Collar stiffeners made by Kirstie Turner. £24 a pair
 A pair of these would make a great present from children to their Dad today. Even if he doesn't wear stiffeners in his collars I imagine any Dad would be delighted to keep them in his wallet as a token of his childrens' affection for him. Kirstie Turner also makes silver rings and silver necklaces for Handmade Happiness.

I remember my Dad's assortment of boxes on his chest of drawers containing collar stiffeners, collar studs, a papier mache lidded pot with cufflinks in - he had some gold ones with his initials my grandfather had given him and big square boxes that came from the laundary with his detachable white stiff collars in. All a long time ago now.

My Dad worked in the city. He was up and on the train before we children were awake and just about home in time to read us a bedtime story. Then one night everything changed when he came home from work and announced that he had been offered a post overseas and we moved far, far away.

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