Saturday, 15 June 2013

Nuno felt making experiment

Two layers of wool tops, chiffon scarf then two more layers of wool tops 
Washing up liquid and hot water, start rubbing layers to felt
Using the wash board to finish off 
This is why it's worth the trouble - nuno felt drapes beautifully
Nuno felt looks great used for jackets and coats but why not just use ordinary felt? 

Wanting to see the difference for myself I pulled out two layers of wool tops (looks like candy floss) on the kitchen sink metal draining board. Then laid a chiffon scarf over the top and pulled out two more layers of wool tops - each layer at right angles to the previous layer.

I squirted on washing up liquid then poured on hot water and started carefully pushing the layers into one another. As the material started to thicken into felt under my fingers I rubbed it more roughly. And kept turning it over. Because I wanted the layers to felt through the chiffon - especially round the edges I used the wash board but a wash board isn't necessary, you can just use the ridges on the draining board. When satisfied the piece was well felted I rinsed it well.

Then I ironed the felt on both sides. Again, not necessary, but I wanted quick results! (Don't let the iron touch the chiffon!
Then I saw how well the nuno felt draped over my arm compared to a normal piece of handmade felt. Many felters use silk instead of chiffon to create nuno felt. That will be experiment number two. Comparing chiffon nuno with silk nuno.

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